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The best companies use Heroh to improve their services across the board.

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It’s a network

Heroh is not just a software as a service. It’s a network. It’s a community of independent occupational health services partners in Africa using the same software. It offers unpresidented flexiblity to the partner, the employer and employee. Even employers with in-house primary care and occupational health clinic services are welcome to sign up.

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Grow your business

Gain additional market exposure and grow your customer base by joining our network. Multi-site and multi-national customers can now book at various service providers, you included, for the same quality service and access to employee records and reports in locations they could not before.

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Customers book online

By joining our network, existing and new customers can now book online at your facilities. Great? Yes. Even better is confirmation of any booking will result in electronic company and employee health records being created automatically, ready for your access on the day of their visit.

Latest tech

Buy our technology partners’ equipment - same cost, less hassle. We also distribute disposables at discounted prices to our partners. Not a partner? You can buy too.

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Competitive advantage

Enterprise software is expensive. The smaller service provider will never get an edge on the big guys. Not anymore. By joining the eHealth network you gain access to a unique consumption based offering. And the certificate fee is passed to the client so it’s sort of free.

Technology Partners

Our carefully selected technology partners form an integral part of our Heroh methodology. They are completely independent, are leaders in their respective industries and they totally rock. But having integrated with heroh, our service partners get so much more value using their stuff with our stuff.

The future of healthcare

What sets our technology partners aside? They make traditional equipment redundant. They are the future of healthcare.

Best in industry, but affordable

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Hospital grade smartphone ECG

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If you need more information contact us at or visit the contact page.

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